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If you’re like many people who seperate from their partner, you’re probably encountering situations or issues that make you wonder what the benefits of a child custody investigation could be.

In Colorado, small actions such as moving out of the family home can have large implications on how the post-divorce parenting plan is arranged.  If  you’re not the primary caregiver, even more so. But sometimes good parents are forced by circumstance to make choices as part of a separation that could put them at a disadvantage come court day.

 It doesn’t have to be that way. With the right information, you can still make a case to become the primary caregiver, or at least to get an even split of the parental responsibilities.

Here are 5 benefits of a child custody investigation before your divorce is decided.

Build a more complete and fair parenting plan

You’ve heard the saying: Knowledge is power. And it’s true. Often times, a child custody investigation can bring issues of your former spouse’s behavior, habits, patterns, and preferences to the forefront, so that you can dispute behaviors you’re uncomfortable with while constructing the parenting plan.

Whether these problems are as serious as substance abuse, or as simple as habitual tardiness taking the kids to school, more information means a more detailed, and thus more protective, parenting plan.

Speaking of substance abuse…

Bring issues of addiction or risky behavior to the forefront of the child custody discussion

Maybe your spouse has been the chief caregiver up to this point. That doesn’t mean that  their behavior when no one is watching meets the legal definition of being in the children’s best interest.

 Often, stay at home parents have hidden substance abuse issues.  Such issues can lead to neglect and harm of the children over time. It’s in your best interest to have these issues at the forefront of the discussion BEFORE the parenting plan is set in stone. 

Through surveillance, interviews, and other means, a good investigator can arm you with evidence in the form of affidavits, background reports, and video documentation, so that the judge or mediator understands the scope of the problem before making a decision.

Discover who your former spouse is bringing around your children

Even if your spouse is a good parent, overall, and has no substance abuse  issues, it doesn’t mean that they properly vet the people they allow into your children’s lives. The news and internet are filled with stories of stepparent or new partners abusing  the children when their parent isn’t looking.

By establishing the background of the people your spouse is observed bringing around your children, you can not only ensure their safety, but also make a stronger case for more or expanded parental responsibilities.

Get a more complete picture of who your spouse is when your children are not around

Maybe your spouse hasn’t had time without the children in years. Or, maybe your spouse has spent the last several years leaving you at home while he or she is out on the town doing God knows what. By having an investigator document their behavior when the children are not around and they’re cutting loose, you can uncover issues of substance abuse, impropriety, dangerous behavior, and potential neglect.

Obtain peace of mind that your kids are okay when you can’t  be with them

No need to mince words here. Excellent private investigators aren’t cheap. But that doesn’t mean they’re not a bargain. In many divorces, they’re worth their weight in gold. Even if the investigator uncovers no evidence of wrongdoing, what they can provide is peace of mind that your children are safe.

What is that peace of mind worth to you? How much more will it cost if you discover issues later, after the (notoriously hard to change) divorce agreement is set in stone? Investing in an efficient, skilled investigator can dispel your worries, arm you with powerful information (in the event that you should be worried), and  provide bureaucratic decision makers with the right documentation to make informed decisions.

Benefits of a child custody investigation in Denver, Colorado

If you’re in the Denver or greater Colorado area and need an ally in your custody dispute, we’re here to help. Crux Investigative Services has the investigative acumen, tools, and compassion to arm you with the right information to make informed decisions and establish the best parenting plan for your children.

Contact us for a free consultation.

benefits of a child custody investigation

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