Crux (noun) The decisive or most important point at issue. Meridian (adj.) Being at the highest stage or level of development.

At Crux Meridian, we develop the most accurate information about the point at issue. Our approach can be summed up in one word: integrity. We work meticulously to gather the key information at the heart of your issue. We provide accurate, actionable, and highly developed information in organized, court-ready documentation.

Denver Colorado Private Investigations

Whether investigating insurance claims for corporate clients or investigating child custody disputes for legal counsel and concerned parents, we work every case with a passionate commitment to helping our clients obtain the information required to make informed, strategic decisions.

Our Company Ideals: “The Three I’s”

Integrity, Investment, and Innovation.

Integrity is our baseline, representing our insatiable commitment to truth and professionalism in all aspects of our work. Investment means investing our best resources and effort into each case we work, giving all of ourselves to our clients each day. Innovation represents our desire to acquire, maintain, and develop the strongest methods for gathering, processing, documenting, connecting, and organizing information.

We would love to serve you in getting to the heart of whatever issue you’re facing. Our promise to you is maximum integrity and minimum distraction. We will arm you with the best information so that you can make informed decisions. Contact us for more information on how we can serve you in finding a resolution to your problem. Crux Meridian is the right Denver Colorado private investigations