Splitting from a longterm marriage or relationship brings with it incredible challenges. But when children are involved, there is no greater challenge than mapping out parental responsibilities and what the child’s stability and care will look like post split.

Often, disputes over custody and where the child will live can get downright nasty. There is nothing more terrifying than wondering what an ex you do not trust is doing with your children. It pays to have the best, most accurate information and documentation on your side in child custody disputes. That’s where our child custody investigation comes into play.

No two marriages are alike. Which means, no two divorces are alike, either. We take a customized approach to each child custody investigation that is tailored to your specific situational needs. We will document your former partner’s readiness, willingness, and ability to care for your child when you are not with them by using a combination of investigative techniques, including direct surveillance, interviews, background checks, mapping of associates, and documenting past interactions or evidence of abuse.

The right child custody investigation arms you with the most accurate information in making the case for what is in the best interests of your child or children.

We’re passionate about helping families minimize the stress and acrimony of divorce. Our child custody investigations help to create situations that maximize the stability, care, and ability to thrive for your children in the long term.

These files are more than just a means to an end for us. We care, and we approach each unique case with maximum integrity while focusing all our skills, assets, and intelligence into documenting and organizing useable, accurate information. Fill out the form below for a free consultation!