At Crux Investigative Services, we are aware that the cost of an investigation is an important part of your decision to hire a private investigator. Our goal is to be as transparent and up front as possible in providing answers to billing questions. In each investigation we make it a priority to achieve your investigative goals at the lowest possible cost.

We provide a FREE initial consultation in order to determine the needs of your individual case. This helps us to identify and project potential costs and other details pertinent to establishing a retainer for the work. Our base hourly rates are competitive in the industry. In some instances we may offer flat-rate fees.

Like most professional private investigation firms, we generally require a retainer be paid in advance of providing services, from which fees will be deducted on an hourly basis. Some factors that we use to determine retainer amounts include:

  • The estimated hours of surveillance, research, interviews, etc. required to obtain the desired information
  • The amount of travel involved
  • Location: remote areas and other situations sometimes require additional investigators and/or equipment
  • Any airline, hotel, travel, parking, or other costs
  • The amount of data and information the client is able to provide up front prior to starting the investigation
  • Urgency: we take rush cases for an additional fee provided we have the manpower and equipment to do so without compromising other ongoing investigations

Our fees are as follows:

  • $75 per hour, per investigator
  • .60 cents per mile
  • The cost of all paid database searches, parking fees, and other expenses incurred in the investigation
  • The cost of all hotel, airfare, and other expenses when overnight travel is appropriate

Here are some typical estimates of retainers for common case types (please note these should not be construed as what you can expect to pay for your specific case, which cannot be determined prior to a consultation discussing all pertinent details):

  • Surveillance involving infidelity, insurance fraud, other fraud, or child custody matters typically starts at around an $1800 retainer
  • Criminal defense investigation retainers typically range between $1000 and $2000, depending on the scope and breadth of the case
  • Background investigations typically cost between $50-$1500, depending on the depth, scope, and goals of the investigation. These come in levels ranging from a simple database search to a deeper due diligence search to all-out field investigations that include interviews and occasionally surveillance, hence the large range in pricing.

*Insurance companies, corporate businesses, and law firms please contact us directly for more specific information and pricing regarding your investigative needs and the potential of developing long-term relationships