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Do you know who you’re working with? Is that potential love interest, or business investor, really who they say they are? Background checks often provide vital information about the people surrounding you or your business.

We get it. You’ve got things to lose. And in the internet age, scams are more prevalent than ever before. Whether you worry about catfishing from a potential mate, need a routine employee background check, or anything in between, we will uncover the information needed to assess your level of potential risk.

Background Checks with Crux Meridian

All background checks are not created equal. Online websites claiming to provide background information are a dime a dozen. Such sites often provide inaccurate and incomplete data. As licensed private investigators, we have access to restricted databases with far better intelligence. But more than that, we have the experience and time to do the legwork, verifying data and ordering more complete criminal records. Our background checks range from a simple compiled report to an in-depth check including in-person interviews and extensive searches of every county a person has ever lived in.

We will work tirelessly to confirm and document your level of risk. Use the form below to schedule a FREE consultation and see what Crux Meridian can do for you!