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Have you lost contact with someone important in your life? Has a loved one disappeared seemingly without a trace, leaving you filled with worry and lacking in answers? Or has someone simply skipped out on their financial obligation, leaving you holding the ball?

There are often very few concrete leads for the layman to follow in determining a person’s current whereabouts. Hiring a professional private investigator is the best way to locate someone, whether they’re intentionally hiding or just unaware you’re looking for them.

Person Locate Investigations by Crux Meridian

We approach  locating subjects by starting at the beginning and walking down each and every lead, witness, or detail ourselves. Whether the last known lead is from yesterday or two decades ago, we have the tools and experience to connect the dots and locate the subject.  Throughout our investigation, we will meticulously document and organize every detail into a professional, digestible report.

When you choose to work with us we will apply our total focus to walking down every lead, no matter how seemingly insignificant. We consider ourselves much more than a contractor performing a service. We will act as your advocate, ally, and trusted partner in finding the people who are missing in your life. Contact us for a free consultation using the form below.