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One of the most terrifying life experiences is when a friend or loved one seemingly just vanishes. The resulting feelings of worry, frustration, can last years, or even span the remainder of one’s life.

There are often very few concrete leads to follow in determining their whereabouts. Compounding matters, police often don’t have the time or resources to generate new leads. When dealing with this type of missing persons investigation, it makes sense at some point to enlist the help of a professional private investigator.

Missing Persons Investigations by Crux Meridian

We approach missing persons investigations by starting at the beginning and walking down each and every lead, witness, or detail ourselves. Whether the disappearance took place yesterday or two decades ago, we approach it with the same urgency.  We take a comprehensive approach to constructing timelines, walking down leads, interviewing potential witnesses, locating potentially involved parties, and ultimately providing whatever answers can be found. Throughout the missing persons investigation, we will organize every detail into a professional, digestible report.

When you choose to work with us we will apply our total focus to walking down every lead. We consider ourselves much more than a contractor performing a service. We act as your advocate, ally, and trusted partner in finding the answers required to put your mind at ease. Contact us for a free consultation using the form below.