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The most contested issue in most divorces is the split of parental responsibilities. When your children’s well being may be at risk, knowledge is power. That’s where our child custody investigations can help.

The child’s well-being takes top priority in divorce proceedings. And although the state often hires its own experts to help discern who is the best fit to act as primary caregiver, often such assessments are incomplete or lacking in contextual data.

Child Custody Investigations with Crux Meridian

Our child custody investigations will help you document your former partner’s behavior when they think no one is watching. Using a combination of tactics ranging from covert surveillance, documenting and background checking of associates, and covert observation of parental activities in public situations, we will arm you with actionable, court-ready information. Often this information can be leveraged to make adjustments to the split in parental responsibilities in order to further protect the children.

We can also help with even more sensitive tasks such as documenting and organizing evidence of physical abuse.

We understand the emotional nature of custodial disputes. We will act with maximum discretion to avoid making further waves and will work behind the scenes and out of sight as we document and organize all pertinent information. Our child custody investigations are thorough, complete, and court-ready. Will will be more than your investigator, we’ll be your advocate in documenting the truth.