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A picture is worth a thousand words, but video documentation is worth far more than that.

Insurance Surveillance

Your organization works hard to supply benefits to the claimants you serve.  In today’s world, insurance fraud is, unfortunately, rampant. Surveillance is a necessary part of any workman’s compensation or long-term disability provider’s business model. And not all surveillance investigators are created equal.

However, that’s where Crux Investigative Services comes in. We’re the best in the business at investigating and documenting the activities of suspected fraudulent claims. We employ a discreet, accurate, and hard-to-shake team of investigators. We have decades of experience investigating insurance claims and documenting claimant activities.

Arm your organization with accurate information.  CIS provides documentation in a court-ready, organized, and easy-to-digest format. We serve as a vendor for some of the largest insurers in the United States. Our reputation for accuracy and reliability is second to none. Contact us to find out how we can use our insurance surveillance to take your Colorado claims management to the next level.